Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend surprise: Hugged sweet grace under pressure.

Bill Gates owes me my pics and another laptop -- or at least the service charges I may incur having my current one's software mess straightened out. And I really, really, REALLY don't want to be forced into Windows Vista hell -- at least I hear from everybody lately that it royally sucks.

Anyway, that's not why I'm posting, but the Adobe Photoshop in it ate most of the photos I wanted to upload to this post. Following are the surviving pics. I was in downtown Palm Springs this afternoon -- tourist central -- and as I was crossing from the Las Casuelas parking lot, I saw a girl and a man holding up a sign; a charity car wash was being sponsored by CopyKatz, the best celebrity impersonator-dinner theater in the known universe.

This is the beautiful Mrs. McCabe:

McCabes helping out:

CopyKatz is owned by Elyse Del Francio; her late husband died from Parkinson's, and he used marijuana to control it. She is helping out the McCabes, who are being used by the federal government as an example and as a way to further nullify the medicinal marijuana law of California. Here is the KESQ story.

UPDATE: found the story on Youtube:

My dad died in 2002, after a long battle with intestinal cancer. He was blessed with wonderful people around him, some who provided him with home-grown marijuana which quelled his nausea and helped his appetite between treatments. My dad lived in a ranch by the border, and one time a border patrol unit apparently noticed the plants when scanning the area. They reported this to the county sheriff. The sheriff knew my dad, drove to his ranch, and after reporting back that the plants weren't marijuana, helped make them unnoticable, so to speak. My father was very fortunate to know him. The McCabes weren't so fortunate. This is sickening. So if you can, please support them however you can -- financially would be great, but e-mails and words of encouragement are much appreciated, too. You can learn how by calling (760) 799-2055 or on this site. Thank you.

The following is the last PMS-ing PC survivor-photo;it's the creepy Marilyn Monroe mannequin behind the display window of the latest celebrity memorabilia shop at the corner of Baristo and Palm Canyon:

I hope Slick's photographer's stuff won't be PMSing when I strike a pose next Saturday.

Have a good morning, good day, or good night.


Calder said...

That's a good cause Letty, best of luck there. Your heart glows!


Letty Cruz said...

awwwww! (((((((hugginyaback)))))