Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Don't just stand there: Bust a move!

Another reason I've not yet ditched these attorneys and joined the circus: It's cool to work where I can just up and ask one of the esquires "So are we gonna bust a move and DOR this bitch, or what?"

And in other thrilling noticias, got my hair trimmed by a different hairdresser yesterday because my regular guy was on vacay. I think homegirl went too far. I mean I wanted my hair a bit shorter for the warmer weather, but damn -- 'shoulder-length' doesn't mean barely brushing my nape. Photog says if all goes well Saturday I should be getting my photos on disk by Monday, so you random lurkers up in here will be the judge if I just got punked with a bad case of office hair.

I promise meatier posts to come, just now my impending online course as well as work are breathing down my more-visible neck :/


Calder said...

You go Letty, looking forward to those "meaties". Have a favorable evening!!


Letty Cruz said...


& WOW, great going on the poems! You inspire me to submit some of my sort-of poems, etc., again. Going to be working on polishing some pieces again I hope through an online course so I can stay on schedule for submission. Adios from Palm Springs, CA :)

Calder said...

My email is in my profile on my blog. Mail me, if you want, and I'll give you some good research and submission info and links I have. Might make it easier for you.

I am looking forward to reading those, polish brightly!

Spring might have sprung here finally today (it was 50...lol) in cold a$$ Mich. Winter was far too long and snowy this year, yuck. Come on sun!

Have a good day tomorrow. The weekends nearing!


Letty Cruz said...

Thanks! will do :)