Tuesday, March 11, 2008

YAY me :D

I finally got around to creating a Blog Roll linking to my major blog addictions, from the poetic to the profane. I still have quite a few on my blog feed, but am trying to limit it here to a well-rounded sampling of that huge mess I call my private "blogfaves" collection. My blog-reading habit inspired me to create my first Blogger blog when my last computer was on its last CPU-leg and I stashed all my favorite sites on that blog for safekeeping in case of a 'puter crash.

... Oh, and what about the parrot, you ask? Just a gratuitous pic of my mom's parrot, Oggy -- that's short for "Augustino." Dropped by mom's house in Desert Hot Springs last Saturday, petted him, and as usual he gave me a love-bite on my right hand with his can-opener beak. I broke out in hives up my forearm an hour later. So, I'm either allergic to Oggy now, or to Desert Hot Springs. I say Desert Hot Springs all the way -- if you've ever visited or lived in DHS, you'll understand why.

P.S.: Just came from Today: In Seven Words Or Less, and posted my day in seven words again; it's addictive! So from now on, whenever I post there, I'll post my "seven-word-day" entry here, too. This is what I shared over there tonight:

Time flies when babysitting lawyers: typical Tuesday.


John said...

RE: "...look at that run-on mess."

Hey there cutie petootie. I often like to respond privately to posts but, alas, I have NO email address for the lovely Letty. Share? I promise not to go all creepy on ya. If not, it's okay, no worries. ; )

P.S. - I intentionally buried my request DEEP, DEEP in your Big Fat Public Blog just to keep it on the downlow. Cause I like you. : )

Letty Cruz said...

ah, because you're asking THAT way (SEE, I'm EASY -- but in a GOOD way!) -- heading to your profile and e-mailing to you :)