Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yoga in park, across firehouse ... hello, fireman ;)

Today's TodayInSeven blog comment from me, going to start making tags for it from now on.

So yes, yoga at the park after work, as the sun slowly set, beautiful. Firemen cleaning fire engines in the caged yard behind the fire station across the street. Fireman looking, smiling, waving, me smiling back, waving. Cat asana hard to keep when eyes go against flow of movement and breath, need to focus more. But I felt that effervescence during and after the asanas again. Never got that from pilates, that feeling that even my mind has been re-aligned. And my body "remembers" them like old friends.

But seriously, I need to focus more, and be more consistent with yoga. Fell in an on-and-off pilates rut that left me stiff and unmotivated most of last year because my sister Angela wanted me to join her at her gym doing pilates to keep her motivated.

So I learned the hard way that yoga is the complete package compared to pilates, at least for me.

But in news from more happening blogs, SixtyMinuteArtist (Jerry Lebo, a.k.a. Painter Dad) had a case of Dengue (!!!) fever so that's why he wasn't blogging for a while. Read that and thought "wow," as I read that maybe 200 or so cases have been reported in the U.S. last year, if I recall correctly. So I'm not quite so jealous right now of frequent-fliers as I usually am. Matt Boyle still appears to be on tour, and Hobo Teacher soldiers on in Robber Baron High :)

Sweats to launder, shower, dinner can't wait, adios!

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