Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dream Dog

I had the strangest vivid dream at the tail end of sleep Monday morning:

The first images I remember are of me standing outside a club or bar that was bursting its timbers with twenty-something prospective yuppies, and a heinous generic live rock band vibrating the glass windows that made up most of the building. I think I may have been talking to someone outside the club but don't remember what I was saying, and I seemed to be trying to get away from there because the whole scene irritated me. It was also broad daylight, and crisp-blue breezy outside. Oh, and the club-bar had a blue sign outside that said "Blau," apparently its name.

The next scene I recall is me walking along a playing field (soccer or track field, I think) and realizing that my mom was out in it kicking a ball and trying to get it across the goal-net as a couple of fellow senior citizens struggled to kick it away from her -- one gaunt, monk-looking guy to her left and a chunky Andy Rooney-looking character huffing and puffing to her right rear. I could see more oldsters running toward her. I waved my mom down, and she kicked the ball over the net like nothing, and came up to me looking annoyed and somehow signalled to me that she had to get back to the field so I better make it quick. I said something and she answered back (again, I don't recall the words we exchanged).

I felt kind of disappointed that my mom couldn't take a longer break to talk to me, but quickly walked on, toward an apartment building that matched the architecture of the club Blau. The architecture reminded me of some along Coronado/San Diego: White-washed wood and lots of huge glass panes. The day was also very breezy and almost crackling with energy as I breathed, kind of like the wind has been in reality around the desert the last couple of days. Anyway, the dream place had a near-beach feel to it, but not sure what town it was.

As I walked up the apartment building's worn landing steps, I was greeted by a cheerful, manic labrador-mix kind of medium-sized dog, its whip-like tail a wagging blur, and it leaped the few steps from where it stood at the landing to lick my hands a couple of steps down. I patted its head and rubbed its neck, as I marvelled at the strange velcro texture of its short-hair coat and deep, rust-red color.

My alarm clock woke me up right then, I scribbled in the journal I keep next to me in bed, and later at work googled "blau" and first thing that popped up was a chain of resorts in Majorca. Also that "blau" means not just "blue" in German but also in Catalan. Don't know if that symbolizes anything in my dream, but thought it was curious.

Anyway, hope to be back with a picture resembling the dog in my dream, because my MS Paint rendition of it did him no justice. And I think I could perhaps sketch him the good old-fashioned paper-and-pencil way, but I still haven't figured how to take a good pic of it to upload correctly to get in the right size up in here...yes, I'm technically impaired in so many ways :(
Update: The random Google images photo above is the closest to the dream dog I've found so far. The dream dog didn't look like pure Labrador as the one above appears to be. Dream Dog's tail was about the same length, but it was sleek and pointed. The big, floppy, happy tongue is exactly like Dream Dog's. And the coat is shaggy, not short like Dream Dog's, but it is almost as deep-red as Dream Dog's. And I guess I'm focusing on Dream Dog because he (seemed like a male dog) was so full of energy he radiated it into my hands, and that's why it was so hard to wake up and "lose" touch with him. Weird.

Update II: Just dusted off the dream dictionary I bought from Barnes & Noble clearance last year and looked up "dog" and these two interpretations/definitions strike a chord with me about this dream: "... if unknown [the dog] may signify the qualities of loyalty and unconditional love associated with dogs," and "A dog symbolizes the guardian of the underworld. In Egyptian mythology this is depicted by Anubis, the dog-headed god."

... But, I haven't found a reference to moms playing soccer or football yet.

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