Monday, March 24, 2008

Voter registration volunteer again -- must love drama.

I was called this morning to confirm that I can show up the following weeks to work the local Democrats' registration booth. I said yes, stomach slightly fluttering at the prospect of facing down the Rush Limbaugh-wannabe oafs and oafettes loitering around the Republican voter reg booth across the asphalt.

But the speech team nerd in me, tingling at verbally breaking down an opponent again, licked her lips and said, "Why yes I'm free; just let me know which nights you need me as soon as you can." I thought I burned out on politics Bush's second time go-round. I was wrong. Interesting times ahead.

P.S.: After more helpful hints from Mr. Bananas, I finally figured out how to activate my own fragging blog for feedability readability. A liberal arts education is a terrible thing to waste.

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