Friday, March 28, 2008

Ate, napped; ready to run through sprinklers :D

I also was on hold about an hour waiting for Time Warner to bring my poor wheezing Road Runner internet service back from the dead :(

So I'm glad I didn't turn on the 'puter until I got a half-hour nap and food in me -- because now this gorgeous old golf course beckons with its old greenery and its sprinklers should be on about now -- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH <3

I'm back to running outdoors -- ohhhhh how I missed it. Like yoga, it took a backseat to the gym I joined to help my sis out with her fitness program. OK, gotta go now while there's still post-sunset light out BYE!

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Calder said...

Run run run, such an addictive and soul cleansing act, after one gets in shape at least and can begin to enjoy to solitude of it and the spritual aspects that keep you coming back to it. I was born to run, but it seems like lifetimes ago since those days, but I wouldn't trade the 25,000 miles I ran during my training and racing career for nothing. It taught me many things and yes, my lower extremities may ache sometimes on rainy days but in my mind, I remember those studly days fondly.

Have fun, hit all those sprinklers for me too! Thanks for taking me back in time to some good memories.