Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blog Roll Quote of the Week

Dear Dude in the beaten up Chevy Malibu from Saturday:
When I am out for a walk, standing at an intersection while waiting for the light to change, please refrain from lowering your window, slowing down and making kissing noises at me as you turn the corner. As aroused as I get when a unwashed, possibly buzzed stranger kisses at me from his shitmobile as if he's summoning a dog, I am not going to jump into your sticky-looking passenger seat.

No, it would not have helped if you'd been driving a nicer car.

This Big Fat Blog Addictions link-adding has me truly laughing out loud every other click now. The excerpt above is from one of my favorites from way back, by one fabulous freakmagnet redhead. I myself am a habitual flirt, it seems to run in my family, but I want to stab the eyeballs out of freaks like this great blogger describes so perfectly. She also has great insights into flirting-do's, as well as insightful general social commentary.

... HOWEVER, in all fairness to the GUY-humor side of these issues, I humbly direct you to The Best Page in the Universe, by a guy named Maddox, blessed with harsh but razor-sharp and on-the-money wit. Enjoy!


SebBaer said...

Letty, thanks for the link ;-)

BTW: I just quickly went through some of the other links, but will have to come back to check them closer! This world of blogs is amazing, isn´t it!


Letty Cruz said...

Yes it is, freakishly shocking at times, but a great way to get around the usual mass media junk. Thanks for dropping by :)