Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Si, ma, ya le llamé al fotógrafo."

How'd I go there? I told mom I'd already made an appointment with a photographer. You see, she's a "scrapper," as in a scrapbook-making nut. My godmother got her into it, and made mom's demands of quality pictures of her children more frequent. And at family events, etcetera, I tend to dodge random cameras like bullets. My profile pic was taken by my best friend during student teaching in LA, who got it by yelling "HEY, LETTY" as she usually does to get me to turn around at the student pub and then WHAM. I didn't kill her because she's crazy enough to be my friend and because it's a great shot, and because there were small children right outside, clamoring for their Halloween Mardi-gras-themed treats and entertainment -- the things we did to suck up to LAUSD...but I digress. And I already told the tale of the grating mall photo shots I took for my mom and why.

Anyway, I'm posting this to FORCE myself to make my lie a truth tomorrow; it's sort of the way I forced myself to get a paper or story done on time by telling at least one person in a position to be disappointed if I didn't meet my declared deadline. I scrambled for photo studio phone book numbers but lawyer Slick handed me a card from the photographer in Indian Wells who took head shots for his slick self. So I'm calling him tomorrow, and hope to book by next week as he's supposed to be very good but very reasonable. So not only will my vanity be tickled if I work the nerve to upload the finished product here, but maybe I'll stop longing to be as relaxed in front of the camera as cool peeps like these :)

ugh....anyway, good times ahead :/ got to get out of my sweaty sweats, shower, and eat and prep for work tomorrow, but what else is new mid-week, good night!

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