Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sun seduction from office window: Not fair.

TodayInSeven is keeping the tumbleweeds at bay in this blog :)

Anyway, sucked it up and made my lie to my little mama a truth; got an appointment with Slick's photographer Saturday after next. This blog is also keeping me from shirking my scheduled stint mid-April at the voter reg booth. And it's actually making me look forward to joining the two other lawyers on a trip to Mexicali, Baja California Norte, Mexico, to meet with someone who may lend credibility to a client in his case.

And here's a random youtubery just because it was on the radio on the way home. My ex-fiancé mailed me this song burned on a CD a couple of weeks after we split. I'd rather keep the details off here, but the working title of the sort-of short story I'm working on is How I Almost Married a Vegetarian Marine, because Runaway Bride is taken.

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