Monday, April 21, 2008

Is it so wrong ...

... to pucker your lips shut with all the might you can muster, as you listen to a new client repeat his tale of sturm und drang, because he looks EXACTLY like the flesh-and-blood version of THIS GUY:

.. AND THEN to have to excuse yourself for a quick visit to the restroom, so you can run the faucet and burst into hyena laughter when his business partner comes in from the lobby and introduces himself, looking much like THIS GUY:

AND THEN, to call chick-esquire CC (as in Cheshire Cat, for her super-sized grin) on your cell phone while the water runneth, to inform and cackle in shared Sesame Street recognition?


NAY, I say! As I make a mental note to focus on loving kindness during tonight's meditation.


Calder said...

Tis pretty freaky where are our minds travel at (the worst) times. This post made me smile!!

Letty Cruz said...

LOL! Glad to lighten your day a bit :)