Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poor Cons: Liberals come in feisty packages.

Quick post to keep The Big Fat Public Blog's heart beating.

And I notice via my misfiring Google Reader that most of my fave bloggers have been post-less, and Globus underscores how busy most people are with the return of spring.

I've relived what finals week was all about Friday and yesterday. Tried to slam an entire textbook chapter down in two sittings, sweated problems that I know with enough time to work the practice problems would be nothin' but a thang. But was happy this morning, after uploading a B+ quiz, how well I did in a subject that made me break out in cold sweat, math-related.

Anyhey, FINALLY successfully uploaded the text software and the goal is to keep pace with Chapter 2 tonight; my textbook was shipped late last week and that ate up study time.

Something else which ate up study time was my Thursday night's voter booth volunteeration. FedEx delivered my text Thursday afternoon, when all I could think about was handling 5 clients' appointments and two new ones' intakes at the office, AND running through facts and sources in my mind for repelling extra-bullyish neo-cons at the street fair that night.

Shouldn't have worried about the latter. The worst of the neo-cons' heckling came from a hydraulics salesman in 70's-styling running shorts (with matching maroon t-shirt TUCKED IN!) who backed the hell away after all 3 of us on the Obama side of the Democratic Party tables asked him in various versions why he shouted out his only concern as "What are you gonna do to save me from capital gains tax?!". My query to this Bruce-Jenner-Wheaties-era boomer Richpublican was "Why should taxpayers fund your company's welfare tax with more foreign loans, and hydraulics, isn't that an industry relying heavily on continuing the Iraqi occupation?" (Yes, business is good when the government bombs the infrastructure of an entire country, sir; too bad-so-sad for all those troops trying to get college paid for and their families supported by enlisting.) He backed away like he'd been sprayed with buckshot, glancing around the crowd as if concerned if onlookers watched his non-response, and away he walked-ran in his nearly ball-baring retro track shorts.

And let it be known that we were not being big, bad "libooooroools" to the poor minding-their-own-biz random Republicans out for a good time. Tonight we had a couple of idiots try to grab handfuls of the buttons or walking by several times for the sole reason of snickering or hurling some I'm sure painfully memorized line from a right-wing radio shill. The sweet and calm senior ladies manning the neutral middle section of the connected tables with the voters reg cards told us they get a lot of drunken harassment from neo-conned yahoos on regular nights; our take-no-shit attitude kept the trolls at bay this night.

Oh man, and it was right in front of CopyKatz, on the first night of White Party no less! Also held an Obama poster aloft my 3 hours at the table because the Hillary side had the advantage of a looped video on a TV set of Hillary Clinton working a crowd. "OBAMA IN O-EIGHT, HE CAN ENUNCIATE" was my impromptu cheer, with an "UNLIKE A FAKE TEXAN WE KNOW" to the random glaring a-hole meandering the street fair. One beer-can-tan dude turned away from me but gave a slashing thumbs down as he passed by -- he was my inspiration.

We sold out of all bumper stickers and buttons within the first hour, which fund local Democrats, and next week plans are afoot for more crowd-pleasing bumper stickers like "Say NO to McBush in '08". Also, two of our guys got a brilliant idea while shouting "PALM SPRINGS: YOUNGER THAN MCCAIN" as they passed the celebratory bandstand for Palm Springs' 70 years as a city, on the corner of Tahquitz and Palm Canyon...where the precinct wives of the Republican Party table seethed.

There was also an awesome candle-light vigil-march for hate crimes victims led by the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. It was a beautiful night all told.

Now I have to hurry outside to meet the setting sun on its way over my favorite, eucalyptus-crowned golf-course. I leave you with a song that's been running on my player during my last couple of runs, and will again this evening.

... Und auf wiedersehen, mein special lurker.


Calder said...

I worked 80 plus hours last week... but still made time to visit you (but you are out


Letty Cruz said...

ha! I shouldn't even be here right now, because I think my online-course window is glowering at me from the corner of my scree :O