Sunday, April 6, 2008

Strike a pose! Ready, set ... cringe.

I got my pictures from the photo man sooner than expected ... and it was hate at first sight. The yoga asanas look very cheesy and, well, posed. Very MySpacey, too....ugh...and then they kick-started my inner paranoid obsessive, visualizing the random person who might know me stumbling upon this big fat PUBLIC blog and laugh-laugh-LAUGHING :O

Oddly, my mother LOVED them, so mission accomplished. They will only see the light of day in the family board thing she's helping my godmother out with next week.

BUT, in brighter news, running errands this morning I decided to pack along my Nikon again in case I came upon photo-worthy situations like I did that weekend near CopyKatz. Anyway, I discovered to my bottomless dismay that my photos were NOT being eaten by my PMS-ing computer, but were in fact not even recognized as photographs to begin with because (drumroll, please): My camera was inadvertently set to MOV mode, "silent movie" mode at some point, and not to JPEG. I dug up the Nikon manual and got it straight, worked it out and sample-shot in the restroom of a fine hospitality establishment in downtown:

So that's the extent of the properly JPEG-moded pics. ... GOD, look at my HAIR, wind-battered and YES, homegirl cut TOO SHORT last week... So , yeah, the competitive field of photography is safe from me tonight, and for many moons to come.


Calder said...

Nice to see you... well some of, such a tease you are. Smiles! Glad you got that camera thing figured out. ((((Letty))))

Letty Cruz said...

AW thank you! I'm hoping to get more practice, now that I think I can remember to turn off the flash indoors, etc., and which are JPEG modes -- AND need to practice keeping it steady as I get lots of blurry pics, yuck. Hope to get some good pics from the voters booth at the PS street fair next week -- and get some time to check out your blog between that and my class :)

John said...

I'm sorry, no more pretty women are allowed on my blog. Also, I've just gone completely insane.

Thanks for dropping by my place cutie petootie! Please don't be a stranger. : )

Letty Cruz said...

aw DAMN! hahahaa! Thanks for dropping by, too -- not too shabby in the looks dept yourself ;D