Saturday, April 12, 2008

A MySpace Moment ...

... or Why You Should Never Trust a Charlotte Russe Sales Associate's Fashion (or Size) Sense

I think I've seen Paris Hilton working this top and butt-munching shorts somewhere:

The perfect heels for the resort hooker on the go:

But in Charlotte Russe's defense, just about every retailer at Westfield was working their mannequins with resorty shorts, disco-summery tops, and heels of every height.

And oh yes, I still have issues with that hair cut, dear lord a handful of pins and my tiniest clip can't keep it in check ... and now, back to napping away last night's Range Rover date dissipation.


Brian Hughes said...

I looked up dissipation at Wikipedia because I'd no idea what it meant. Here's what it said:

"In physics, dissipation embodies the concept of a dynamical system where important mechanical modes, such as waves or oscillations, lose energy over time, typically due to the action of friction or turbulence. The lost energy is converted into heat, raising the temperature of the system. Such systems are called dissipative systems."

Hot, sweaty, energetic and oscillating. Sounds like you had a good date with Bruce Willis after all.

Letty Cruz said...

ohmyGOD how weird, been wondering since "Bruce Willis" called this morning asking to join on my evening run if this guy's into sweaty women hahaa! So you might be onto something ;D

OH -- the reason I love that word is because it was used in Victorian and Edwardian lit so much to describe people who partied hard!

Calder said...

In my Scrabblatious world, the meaning of dissipation is my anticipation that the ex will be dissing me again, just another

Good to see you again Letty, keep em coming! (((((Letty)))))

Letty Cruz said...

AH, good to see you too, Calder (((HUG)))

Calder said...

Thanks Letty for stopping in at mine, no worries, I can handle the ex. I have the kids...winks!

Not sure if you tried to email me like we discussed... if you did, unfortunately I didn't get it I guess because of the settings I had in it, well I re-set them, so try again please and I will send you that info.

Yep, very busy at work, the joys of bing an engineer I guess. We just got a new $16 million contract , a resource from a competitor and the customer wants it launched by us ASAP, so it will be like this for a few weeks...all good stuff, glad to be busy.


Letty Cruz said...

Dang, you're going to be one busy guy ...speaking of which, am trying to stay up till midnight to log in early to my online class, but soooooo sleepy now -- anyway, I recall that night Blogger was freezing up, so tried your e-mail once but the screen froze so I closed the window for the night. Good luck with the upcoming project, and your writing, which reminds me, I'm hoping I can enroll in late-starting or summer online creative writing courses as it's the only way I can both keep myself on track and also work it around work. Good night :)

LaLa said...

Butt-munching shorts. I'm cracking up!

Letty Cruz said...

;D they were wedging my thong undies up my anal orifice!