Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Scottie Moment ...

YAY! I fought my book nerd nature and cut off the inside flap of my Scott of the Antarctic hardcover edition, so as I could share this photo which I've not found on either Google, Yahoo, or Flickr. ... just look at that smoldering gaze wrapped up in properly tailored Edwardian perfection, those lips ...

... and somewhere Kathleen Bruce is rolling 'cause I'm molesting her man -- maybe I'm the reincarnation of Pauline Chase

-- and I wonder if Miss Chase ever sent Captain Scott these piccies ;D

-- yeah, yeah, this is a sickness, OK? Get over it ;)

now I must prep for tomorrow's online course debut, GAH am still feeling overwhelmed but now excited, looking forward to it, and to my evening jog at the country club! Laters!

UPDATE: DAMN! What a little Googling will fish up!:

A query from Chris Albury of Dominic Winter Book Auctions:

"I am wondering if anyone can help with some research about a 'Polly' known to both J.M. Barrie and Captain Scott. I have a copy of The Voyages of Captain Scott, by Charles Turley, with an Introduction by Sir J.M. Barrie, 1st edition, 1914. On the front endpaper Barrie has inscribed in blue ink: 'To Polly / You were his great love / JMB / Dec 1932'. What I'm trying to find out is who Polly was and if Barrie is referring to an affair between Scott and Polly. It would seem that Barrie was a close confidante of Scott's private life and knew of his affair with the actress Pauline Chase, Barrie's favourite Peter Pan. Polly is usually a dimunitive of the name Mary, though it could possibly refer to a Miriam, a Martha or even Apollonia. ..."
-- I think it's most likely "Polly" as in PAULine! OK, must put a lid on my inner geek now ;D


Gorilla Bananas said...

I hate to break this to you but your blog feeds have stopped working. The last one that came through was 25th March.

Letty Cruz said...


I think I'm a jinx of Google:(

Cynic with Flair said...

Hi Letty! Thanks for reading my blog. I have found a fellow geek! I LOVE Anne Lamott! I have read "Bird by Bird" so many times it's ridiculous. I think that book is so brilliant for writers. It changed my life.

I'm also very interested in history, and love your obsession with the turn-of-the-century writers and actors. We'll have to talk more about that!

Letty Cruz said...

AWESOME! Now I don't feel quite so geeky-freaky! I discovered Ann Lamott indirectly through Natalie Goldberg, via whom I came to study and practice Buddhism, amazing where great writers and just plain great humans lead you :)