Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lashing winds, fire, earthquake, all tonight -- WTF?!

Yes, that is what it was.

"A small earthquake struck south of the Coachella Valley about 8:55 p.m. today...."

Yeah right, "small" only if you weren't sitting under clattering crystal -- yes, I moved my fine glassery off the shelf above my head next to my desk as soon as the floor stopped rocking. GOD, I'm a California native, I should decorate an apartment with earthquake safety before feng shui, no contest.

Oh yeah (WARNING: TMI ahead!): Last night my period dropped -- for the SECOND time this month! I had a clean physical and exam at the gyno's in February; this two-period thing has never happened to me, I'm as regular as clockwork dammit -- GAH can't take more freakshitness while cramming a 6-unit course in 8 weeks (((sob))) !!

OK, back to online course hell.

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