Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yeah, I know what I said about gossip before, but I've met the esquire escorting Ms. Brinkley. Don't meet him all by your lonesome in a dark alley.

Christie is so getting the kids, and then some.


Settlement rumors swirling already, of course Mr. Cohen not only could be Donald Rumsfeld's bastard brother, but Rumsfeld is cuddly in comparison. He's very suave and a great conversationalist though, but I'm not exaggerating about not meeting him alone in a dark alley if he has a score to settle with you. He will shank you, call the police to report a grievous attempt on his life, and then sue your estate for pain, suffering, and lost future productivity due to post traumatic stress.


"Cook gets $2.1 million - much of which will go to legal fees - while she gets custody of the kids and all the real estate."

The big guy at work laughed and read this out loud to us today. He recalled his conversation with Mr. Cohen about his divorce from his first wife, and Mr. Cohen casually itemizing how his ex's lawyer could have skewered him financially but blew it. Big guy's relieved that the former Mrs. Big Guy didn't pick a lawyer that into his profession and that experienced.

And so true is this comment from this gossip site:

"LOLOL!! 2 mil and nothing else??? Ohhhh she had some good $h1t on his ass for him to settle out of court for that measly amount and NO property?? Damn!! I wanted to see this on court tv every fukkin day! Life's not fair"

True, even with all the dirt that had been aired about Cook, I also thought he'd be offered more if only to make Chrisite look a little more generous. So Cohen must have had even more surprises in store for Cook if he insisted on continuing his public bawling and insinuations on the stand.

...ugh, and now I need to back awaaay from the gossip news.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I wish I knew who she was.

Letty Cruz said...

And I wish I didn't know who she was, because dayum, I'm oversaturated with gossip/entertainment news. Guess this whole country is -- and I don't have television either (yay New Year's resolution kept!). But it's all over the news sites along with the bs Madonna played-out scandal so conveniently contrived as she's about to start her latest tour when tickets haven't been selling as well as expected.

So yeah, got to spend more non-media time -- does that make sesne? Anyway, between mindless interneting, I'm reading a book I bought months ago called Connecting to Creativity which points out that you have to spend some time every day with NO distractions -- as in NO music, internet, conversation, etc., so you can truly have a creative life/know yourself, etc. You can do stuff like writing in a journal, walking, gardening, whatever as long as it's by yourself without canned distractions.

It dawned on me that besides meditation time which I've been pretty good about daily, I don't make no-distraction time a priority...OK, thesis-long reply OVER, good night, sweet sir <3

John said...

I'd like to know more about your meeting with shady esquire *juicy*

: )

Letty Cruz said...

ha! Not so juicy -- but it was in Vegas so it should've been juicy. Very generous client invited us -- chartered jet and all -- to his victory party. Mr. Cohen was a guest of our client, too, having been his divorce attorney years before. Lots of free drink, among other more controlled substances. I just stuck to the great food and drink, and the Thunder From Down Under show down the street ;D

Slyde said...

i hope christie does get the kids... her ex sounds like a real piece of work..

Letty Cruz said...

Great to see you, Slyde, and DONE, Christie is getting the kids, and everything else besides $2.1 mill which will barely cover Cook's legal costs. Yes, he sounds like a total narcissist skeezer. I'm sure she's a handful herself, but I can't help but admire that she's 54 years old and has taken great care of herself without looking like a plastic surgery victim.

Plus, she's been low-key until now; seems like she was indeed putting raising her kids first and taking lower profile modeling contracts because of it.

Dr Zibbs said...

Of all the modils. She's the dummiest

Letty Cruz said...

eh, she has the dummiest taste in men, I'll agree with that ;)

But she's smartiest at protecting her money and picking her lawyers at least :))

John said...

Pacino played this guy Cohen in The Devil's Advocate, yes? Have you actually seen him shape shift? ; )

Letty Cruz said...

oh MY you're right! Maybe he did shape-shift -- in Vegas :O

... glad I didn't join in on the "special" hors devours served up in some of the rooms.

& Al Pacino was brilliant in that, as he is in pretty much anything.