Sunday, July 20, 2008

Desert Monsoon

Who sent us India's weather?

Desert Sun photos of high waters flowing down Racquet Club Drive in the Chino Cone area of Palm Springs:

Rain that sounded like hail just nailed us around sixish a.m. and off and on all day. But it wasn't bracing, cool invigorating rain like last time. Oh no. It was the kind of rain that beats you down and sticks to your body like warm glue because it's 105 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity is, oh, about 110 percent.

If a caravan of Asian elephants had crossed at the intersection of Date Palm and Ramon, where the traffic lights were out of order as in most other intersections this afternoon, it wouldn't have raised a weary eyebrow.


Gorilla Bananas said...

And the land groaning with thirst was satisfied by THE LORD. Either that, or you'll all be underwater as a punishment for your sins. Have you been sinning, Miss Letty?

Letty Cruz said...

I plead the Fifth on that question good, sir!

... Can you take shelter behind the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution regarding a question of SIN, I wonder?... I'll have a huddle with the attorneys at law tomorrow and get back to you on that one ;D

Slyde said...

wow, thats some serious flooding! wow!

p.s. you have been officially added to my blogroll! :)

Letty Cruz said...

AW, thanks! It's truly an honor to be blogrolled by you <3

& about the Sunday rains: It was spectacular -- was incredibly loud and when I poked my head out the door it looked like some of the flooding footage from the Midwest, just fortunate it didn't last long enough to cause Midwestern-large damage.

John said...

Hello Lovely,

I don't even have time to stay, just wanted to say hi and "miss you." : )

I'll be back soon, keep that pretty butt outta that muddy water!


Letty Cruz said...

awwww and MUAHMUAHMUAH back at ya, babe! Bloggger FINALLY came back to life, YAY!