Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Because the tumbleweeds & dust bunnies are out of control on this here blog ...

... I'm posting what my procrastinating, heat-addled butt should've posted on Sunday.

As per usual, the products of my camera-snapping aren't exactly stellar, especially after two or three margaritas under this bar palapa:

So this is how I spent the better part of Sunday: At the casino, again. And I don't even gamble -- usually. But got an invite to the "Wet Spot" pool party at Fantasy Springs, and roped into playing volleyball for a short spell:

(and no, that's not me in the pink bikini, but she's family, and yes, she gets a lot of ribbing about the "tramp stamp")

The DJ was outstanding -- clear, slamming sound working a great mix of rarely heard outside of LA tracks and club and pop favorites. But we were out barely past an hour when the heat was just too much and we were starving so we headed for the air-conditioned -- hell, refrigerated -- buffet dining room.

And while we were cramming our gullets with all the Ahi tuna and oysters we could load on a plate without looking like total pigs, we were privileged to overhear various conversations among the wanna-be game show contestants who'd been loitering at the casino since the crack of dawn. Deal Or No Deal was auditioning contestants at the casino and it seemed like the entire frekking valley was trying to get a shot at game show infamy.

Two of the people in tables next to us ended up squealing with joy after taking cell calls: One of them I'm acquainted with from my substitute teacher days in the east valley. She's pretty cool, but I don't understand her desire to be on a game show -- besides a reality show, it's my worst nightmare. Anyway, she has huuuuuge cushiony breasts, all natural, and she was wearing a cute summer dress that pushed them up to full effect. The other guy who was picked to go to LA for the show was a guy who I swear was the spitting image of Homer Simpson come to life.

We bantered on and off with some audition rejects who were pissed off about it, noting that the producers of the show seemed to be going for "character" type contestants: The big-boobed teacher with the cute little locket between her hot boobs, the Homer Simpson look-alike, and a sympathy-grabber -- a lady with an autistic son at home and another in Iraq. So interesting times at the casino.

And now I'll try to catch up on some more exciting bloggers than yours truly before I hit the sack, 'night ~_~

EDITED TO ADD this Mad TV gem I just found, which succinctly illustrates what Deal Or No Deal is all about:


Gorilla Bananas said...

If you had a slight desire to rest your head between those cushions you can admit it. No one will think any less of you.

John said...

RE: "my procrastinating, heat-addled butt..."

Anything your butt does is good.

: )

Letty Cruz said...

Mr. B: ... you READ my MIND, haha! My old co-teacher's chi-chis looked soooo comfy!

John: ah thanks :)

my addled butt bows and winks in your general direction ;D

July 16, 2008 11:24 AM

Cynic with Flair said...

I love the story of the folks you talked to - isn't that fun? You get all these perspectives and insights you wouldn't get if you weren't social. I think it's sad that people don't seem to talk to each other much anymore in public. We have become kind of afraid of each other and that shows. I love it that you just dove right in and mixed it up. Homer Simpson lookalike...love it.

Letty Cruz said...

HEY babydoll! Thanks for dropping by! Yes, you're right about that, but I tend to get that way myself -- everything around us seems to conspire to keep us isolated, and makes it easier to give in to fear of the risks of face-to-face "real" contact. It was indeed a lot of fun, just getting out there and just chatting amicably over heaps of gourmet buffet eats, yum :)

Calder said...

Sounds like a fun Sunday, besides the heat.

Looks like a very fun volleyball game to be in too...oh, did that ball just hit me in the head... winks!

Thanks for the comment on mine. I got my chapbook ms togther/done and sent it out last week, entered into a publishers prize in poetry book contest, trying to get it published. One part of my New Years resolution checked off. Smiles!
Take care my friend!


Letty Cruz said...

Those flying volleyballs are beatch haha, seriously, a casino guard was whacked hard with a stray volley! Good night out yonder ((((LOVE)))

BEAST said...

The pics look great , a welcome tonic for the uk bloggers at the moment as its overcast and a bit chilly and rainy.I think I would have an almost overwhelming urge to prod the cushions , just to see how firm they were.....purely in the interests of science of course . were they 'pointing' due to the refrigerated air con . we need these sort of facts

Letty Cruz said...

Well, purely for research of course, my old teaching colleague's "headlights" were indeed "on" due to the casino's arctic air-conditioning.

And just the mention of rain made me go AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! I know from having lived in northern California long enough, though, that seemingly never-ending rain and cold, damp chill can get old very fast. Thanks for dropping by, good Beastie <3

Slyde said...

sounds like a fun time!

i'm not a big casino goer either, but i DO likes me some roulette once in a while.. i kick ass at it! :)

Letty Cruz said...

haha! all I know about roulette is that it makes me feel like a James Bond femme fatal dressed up and jauntily sipping from a wine glass as I watch OTHER people playing. Plus the casinos around here usually bring the better entertainment to their lounges between tourist seasons. Good night <3

Globus said...

globus likes the pic of the bikini totty :-)

Letty Cruz said...

Globus has great taste in bikini totties!

Mister Underhill said...

Well, it seems like it would be fun, if nothing else.

Letty Cruz said...

If you mean being on the game show, though I'd rather give walking over hot coals a shot, my hot chi-chi friend is in it not just for the chance at the $ but also for the fun/thrill of doing something memorable/having her kids see her on TV -- she has two little boys ... and YES, they were breast-fed, can totally see that question coming a mile away ;D