Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why I love a civilized simian.

I'm really stretching my limited procrastination time right now (I'm off for Memorial Day tomorrow BUT have some catching up to do again for the online class and will visit mom and her newborn chihuahas tomorrow, so had to squeeze a super-mini vacation with DH yesterday and today) -- what was I saying again? Oh, following is a hilarious yet profound anecdote from my favorite primate blogger regarding how silly suicide can be under most circumstances. And mind you, I support the right to pull the plug on yourself. Without further ado, the last 3 paragraphs of Mr. Bananas' latest offering:

“I’m going down now, Horace.” I said. “Why not watch tonight’s episode and sleep on the suicide thing? There’ll be plenty of opportunities to do it right later. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you to plan your death properly.”

Later that evening, I joined the circus staff watching Falcon Crest on a communal TV set. Horace was there and I sat next to him, taking care not to show exaggerated concern for his emotional state. I chuckled at Jane Wyman’s lines to remind him of what he would have missed if he’d pinged himself. I didn’t wolf-whistle at Lorenzo Lamas though – one has one’s limits. He later agreed it would be silly to commit suicide before the current series ended, by which time, of course, he’d found himself a new beau.

This successful course of therapy led me to formulate the Bananas prescription for mental health: live in the present and savour your favourite TV show. As a famous economist once said, in the long run we’re all fucked.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Why Miss Letty, I am honoured! Have a wonderful Memorial Day and give the chihuahuas a pat for me.

Letty Cruz said...

awwwww MUAH! I will -- hope they're not already in that chihuahua inferiority complex nipping stage@ good night from PS <3

Cynic with Flair said...

wise man, that bananas fellow. Suicide only hurts the living, anyway, and we have better things to do! Personally, it would cause me to miss the latest episode of "The Office" and that just won't do.

Letty Cruz said...

EXACTLY, babydoll ;D

AND speaking of technicolor things to live for -- going to the midnight showing of Sex & the City tonight!!

wrangled DH into it -- though I think he secretly wants to see it if just to be up on the latest about women's extreme love of shoes and 'ridiculous' standards for men! Good night <3

Calder said...

Hey Letty!!

Hoping all is well you way my friend! Have a good weekend, take care, keep smiling!!

Peace and love!

Letty Cruz said...

thanks, Calder! Having a pretty good one so far :)

Hope yours is going well too!