Friday, May 9, 2008

Site feed rage AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone is rolling in here wondering why you received 0-1 second visits from this Palm Springs Roadrunner address -- or perchance a jillion 0-1 visits, allow me to beg your pardon.

I don't know what the hell happened exactly, but suddenly I got not only multiple subscriptions to blogs I don't think I've ever meant to add or dropped a while back, but also my subscribed ones were lighted up like every one of them had new posts. And then I clicked each one and BANG! Multiple windows opening like starbursts -- so happy Mozilla is not as horrific as IE because IE would have just freaked out and kept multiplying windows till I had to reboot.

This all happened when I finally took the time to wrestle with Google Reader (yes, I fucked up even Google's paint-by-numbers subscription scheme) and the Feed burner -- GOD my eyeballs are RED!!! -- anyway, yeah, I'm as good at scrambling a perfectly good site feed/burn/whatever as a cat is with a ball of yarn.

BUT great news: Looks like I finally exorcised the demons I most likely moved into my Google Reader myself and now the world is again blessed with my latest yammerings via Reader. Now don't you feel all glowy and blessed-like again ;*

Now I need to get off this chair; my butt aches.

P.S. -- Check out my most bitchin' new font and layout stylings! Yep, that photo on the header is the one shot of my running-ground-golf-course which I could fit without having the pic take up half the blog. ..ouch, butt hurts, 'night..


Gorilla Bananas said...

Congratulations, Miss Letty. I can read your feeds for the first time. Yes, it's working.

Letty Cruz said...


You were the first person I thought of -- but was embarrassed to cuz DAMN, again! Anyway, glad to 'see' you here again -- I've come back after crackling my online course open for a couple of secs & just throwing up my hands at the whole mess -- going to deal with the quiz tomorrow with whatever I've grasped this week. Good night from PS, CA <3