Monday, June 16, 2008

Lakers survive Game 5, stay alive

... the televised water torture continues.


Ms Smack said...

hey mate. I'm sorry a troll attacked you! They're everywhere.

Was this one attacking you or someone else? I have one that even visits my blog-roll mates and shares her opinion of me on their blog.

She's quite sadistic, but then, every community has it's nutter.

I just delete the comment and remove the soapbox from under their feet.

Letty Cruz said...

hey, babydoll! was definitely attacking me, quite the little sadist, too, and not in a fun way, and not in a clever way, either.

Good idea, deleting, but I'll be pretty occupied most of the week so don't want stale troll drool all over this site when I get a chance post again. (((((LOVE))))

Calder said...

Many sorries for the trolling spit on sidewalk clump...bummer.

I just had to drop out of a group I was blogging in because I got the nastiest email from some prejedice pig who didn't feel I belonged there because I am a white man. I don't have time for the babyBS, so I just dropped out and got away from where I wasn't wanted (even if only by that one... but one forceful one) Oh well. Life is too short...

How your boys can take it tonight and send er to game 7. That would be exciting!!!


Letty Cruz said...

Seriously, life is indeed way too short. Don't know why these two jokers felt the need to bring it here.

Ah -- your experience reminds me of a blog that I got into around the time I started this blog, by a guy who seemed pretty nice, was doing some missionary work, etc, but then dude kept linking to this church that turned out after googling to be one of those messed up turn-gays-straight churches and was founded by a guy who was a pederast and pretty much blamed HIS VICTIMS for his "sins" and his son played like he ex-comm'ed daddy and all was well and now pastor lives in a multi-million-dollar tax-free mansion while he gives away maybe one-one-thousandth of church income to charity and "missionary work" but makes a big stink about it, of course. Finding that out and then the defense council/pastor's son freaking out abuot the same week -- man, mega-fundie churches are an abomination :(

Anyway, never asked the guy-- the blogger involved with that church -- about it. Always got a feeling he was closeted gay, and I unsubscribed from his blog when he dragged his 'beard' into the mess -- poor girl.

... and yep, don't wanna know what's going down on the court till halftime -- MAYBE then I'll work up the nerve.

((((((((( Calder! )))))))))))))