Sunday, June 8, 2008

Because I don't intend to be counting every Gratuitous Totally Unjustifiable Post seeing as I'm constantly posting unjustifiably, I've tagged them.

Anyhey, on with the random unjustifiableness.

Remember back in the day, when Diedrich "Till" Lindemann was THIS HOT:

... oh yes, I do ^_^

Well, my old Cal State roomie Heather, who's a sadistic yet fun-loving whooooore, e-mailed me this:

AND this:

ACH! The humanity :O

Eff the haters, Tilly! I'm your forever groupie <3

But on to more unjustifiable randomosity.

Got about two hours' worth of As the World Turns DVR insanity at my sister's house. Speaking of Heather, that was our soap of choice at the CSULA dorms. I'd forgotten why it was so damned addictive, until I got to the scene where this throw-away character called Sofie digs through her hamper for her JIZZY-CRUSTY undies because she wants to frame Paul for rape because he's scorned her for his on-again-off-again girlfriend Meg. And OHMYGOD Sofie CLUTCHES those crusty undies like the holy grail!!

EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I was spooning omelet in my mouth as I got to this scene!!! THAT is my karma for posting my booty pics -- but HEY; MY swimsuit bottoms are CLEAN dammit! But after gagging, I laughed so hard I inhaled some omelet particles; so I went to check out some regular soap fan reactions on TWOP, and this pretty much says it all:

"Ah, yes. After a hiatus, it is nice to see that we have the newest incarnation of the Limp Flaccid Penis of Deceit (tm thousands of pages back in this thread). Some things never change. You would think that one of the most prodigal, history-oriented children born in Oakdale wouldn't be one of the most consistent douchebags over the past few years. He is just a tool.

I can't remember the last time someone on this show made me LAUGH.

When Sofie pulled her sauce-encrusted underoos from the hamper, my sides about split open. Am I seriously watching this nobody character in a major(ly attrocious) storyline? Am I supposed to care about this twit? It is laughable. If we wanted to get rid of a dead weight character, why can't we take the Lucy approach and have an unfortunate bus accident instead of dragging this crap out?

And Sofie blew it anyway. If she really wanted the hot beef injection enough, she had Mike standing right in front of her. Instead of making up a putrid rape story, she should have just jumped on that. A woman in need of rescue is a booty call waiting to happen for Mike Kasnoff."

THANK YOU, TWOP poster! I remember Mike Kasnoff from back in the dorm days. The guy who plays him now is smoking hot, and in the scene with Sofie he looked like he would have worked it with her had she just snapped her fingers! A'ight, taking my dizzy head to bed now, and damned proud of myself for doing NOT A DAMNED PRODUCTIVE THING this weekend :D ... I'm gonna miss weekends like this really soon *sigh*


Found this fan site with clips of the show The scene I'm talking about is under "6/2 -- Mike and Sofie Flashback Clip 5" <-- well worth the fan gooiness of that site!

& more TWOP posts that cracked me up:

"The Lakeview must have the worst laundry service ever, because ewwwwwwwwwwww!!! How many weeks has it been since Sophie and Paul slept together, yet she still has the skanky, unwashed panties from that day? That is just disgusting.

Not only that, but it's badly thought out. Forensics should be able to tell in second that the...DNA sample on those panties is weeks older than the date of the "rape".

... I absolutely love this BSC Sofie story! She's a dreadful character who's leaving anyway. I welcome the crazy angle.
OK, was anyone else expecting/hoping that she'd sniff her Paul-stained panties? Anyone?

... Really? Huh.

Well, it's still more brain cells than she ever used during the Cole stuff, anyway. I didn't watch that closely. I did see the panty thing in previews, and I have to agree that forensics should be able to tell that the date is weeks off. Then again, this is Oakdale PD we're dealing with."

OK, enough soap overload!


Gorilla Bananas said...

How the hell do you prove a man raped you by stealing his crusty undies? I can't see that limp flaccid evidence standing up in court.

Letty Cruz said...

EXACTLY hahaa! Glad you're still up! Tried to go to sleep but still wired from way too much frapp -- Starbucks = evil!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Still up? I awoke with the rising sun a couple of hours ago.

Letty Cruz said...

UGH missed you -- I awoke with the screaming alarm clock!