Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's getting hot out here.

But it's a dry heat, y'all! Whoop.

This is the silver lining in the larger-than-expected workload at the office this summer. Besides the long seconds in park when I'm broiling in the car as I blast the air conditioner with the windows rolled down to push out the convection-oven hot air, this month has literally flown by. I have a wonderful someone with whom to wrestle off the post-menstrual hornies, and I may be overseas by next summer, maybe even next winter.

I had an unexpected early response to one of my applications and résumé submissions to several NGOs last Monday. I arranged a telephone interview during lunchtime Friday, and it went very well. So now it's a waiting game. And makes me give serious consideration to just how culture-shocked I will feel in the country I may be in next year or sooner.

It makes me look at the horoscope I put up behind my desk and on this site for New Year 2008, the one that made me screech to a halt all these must-do resolutions that made my heart sink. That horoscope made me realize that I'm always pushing myself to set all these self-improvement goals, and then I let the years fly by working and finding more work on top of that, and never use my mad Virgo planning skills to search for and plan fun, pleasure. So my desert fun must-dos for this year have been pushed to the top of the agenda, literally. I must take a ride on the tram to the top of my beloved Mount San Jacinto soon; that Die Hard man better be up for it.

Oh, and here's another addition to my blogroll that's a great resource for wrestling the hornies and it's written by by one savvy, intelligent blogger. Depending on your tastes, some of the items may be a personal "aahhhh" or a "ewwwwww" but it'll have you coming back for more. And it has some pretty decent freebie porn links ;)

Not safe for work, of course, but very satisfying libido and brain candy, as is my golden oldie Missy E video above. ... "I got the magic stick, I can go for hours, from the bed, to the flo', to the sink, to the shower!"<-- LYRICAL GENIUS.

¡Buenas noches, camaradas en cabronadas!


BEAST said...

A virgo
There will be lots of lists then
Virgo's love a good list
They usually have a master list detailing the other lists :-)

Which country are you going to

Letty Cruz said...

Yes, believe it or not there was a time not long ago I didn't buy into the zodiac -- until an otherwise very cynical friend pointed out these qualities and took me to a full reading for my birthday. And I may end up either in Central or South America -- Guatemala or Argentina -- or Asia -- Korea or Vietnam. But have other apps that are in review as far as I know, so trying to not to get to centered on this one. & great to 'see' you again, Beastie Boy!