Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I wanted to steer clear of politics for the duration of my birthday, but...just bumped across this YouTube post while checking out vids on the Lehman Brothers and now the AIG fallout. It's about that happy-go-lucky, central-casting-perfect Focus-on-the-Family-approved Alaskan Stepford Wife for the new century (yeah, can you tell I'm slightly cynical, perhaps a mite sarcastic?) Also, there's so little time left to take on this latest Karl-Rovian bull pile; the economy is a screaming mess, and we have a nearing-80-year-old waving his cane at the Russians because his foreign policy advisor, among others, is heavily invested in that Georgian oil pipeline even if the jackoff Saakashvilli attacked his so-called own territory first knowing the Russians would come in but expecting he'd trounce them with a little help from American "advisors" --- ugh, nevermind, could go on forever there.

So I laughed out loud truly while the video above played on. Only one point where I disagreed with the man: I used to think "Gee, maybe she's at least a good, down-to-earth person." That hope was immediately shot down by this article -- as well as a host of other fundamentalist fringe-group-pleasing, oil-company-handjobbing factoids I found thereafter.

OH and thank you all for your b-day wishes, JOHN: MUAH!!!

OK, back to birthday dinner planning.

ETA: Because I'm just now discovering the amazingly funny world of Wall Street junkies, another vid where I'm just left gasping and laughing "Right on!":

AND the AIG-related one:


Slyde said...

we are completely in sync on this one.. agree 100 percent

Gorilla Bananas said...

What's her butt like? And how come we've never seen a picture? Very suspicious.

Letty Cruz said...

Slyde: Thank you! It's like Groundhog Day for me, seriously. Just came back to the laptop and found another video where the guy says pretty much what I say to myself -- it's "WTF?! How much more crap has to hit the fan before half of this country realizes they're being herded by the nose with whatever fears, bigotries to their financial and societal ruin?!"

Mr. Bananas: I hear her butt is butt a sad pancake ;D

I challenge her to a butt-baring debate!

And now back to fielding calls from squabbling relations with clashing schedules..."quiet" b-day celebrations with a the squeeze, the family and a couple of friends shouldn't be this complicated.

P.S. -- am adding that other video to the end of this post. Later!

John said...

YOU'RE WELCOME! And since I'm here...Happy Birthday! AGAIN!


Calder said...

Dang, I missed your birthday, happy belated wishes my friend!


Letty Cruz said...

MUAH!! Thanks John & Calder :)

Cynic with Flair said...

This is wild - I have two friends with Sept 17 as their birthdays - and now you! Sorry i was so late! Things have been nuts lately. A very happy late bday to you, dear Virgo child. I also think SP is a Stepford Wife and I can't even beging to list all the reasons she is noxious.

All the best to you, my dahling!

Letty Cruz said...

HEY, Beth! oh GOD I've had blogger's block for too long! I'm sorry too that I'm so late :(

THANK YOU for the b-day wish, ((((HUG))) and YAY FINALLY burst through the writer-blogger-block brick wall :D

Letty Cruz said...

& AWESOME about the Virgo-17 friends! LOVE IT <3